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Stories of Jesus

Sunday Cover
Song Samples
 The Sabbath Is a Sign - as
  heard on FM 100
 Sunday's Sweet
 Sunday Morning
 Oh, I Love Lord Jesus/Oh,  Remember
 Children of the Light, Gather
 Sunday Suite: The OTHER side  of Sunday*  
    *Mother, These Shoes Are
    Too Tight
    *That's When I'm in     Charge of My Brother
    *The Nursery Blues
 Because God Loves Me
 Grandma Is Coming Today
 Long Ago, Far Away Friends
 I'll Give Love at Home
 All Creatures/I'll Sing
 We Are His Lights
 Signs in the Heavens

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Happy Songs to Help Young Families Find
Delight in the Sabbath

Sunday Day of Joy CD


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Songs include The Sabbath Is a Sign, based on the covenant in Exodus 31:13, a beautiful sacrament medley, a song that teaches about giving to those in need, a song about ancestors, "The Sunday Suite," a humorous look at the practical side of Sunday with little people, and more. This album is designed to help breathe joy into Sunday.

When we wrote these songs, we studied the words of Isaiah and read Elder James E. Faust’s words, “There is a sure protection for ourselves and our children against the plagues of our day. The key to that sure protection, surprisingly, can be found in Sabbath observance.”

The Sabbath is the Lord’s gift to His people. Through these songs we hope to unwrap some of the wonder and joy that can be found on that special day.

Put this CD on Sunday morning to help set the tone for the Sabbath in a joyous way!

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The Story Behind the Sabbath Is a Sign

When our family was young, Sundays were spent wrestling little boys into shirts
and ties and uncomfortable shoes and walking the halls at church with babies,
wondering how this was a day of “rest.”

During this time we heard a remarkable talk given by Elder James E. Faust called
“The Lord’s Day.” He quoted a scripture that captured my imagination.
“Verily, my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you
throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that
doth sanctify you.” Ex. 31:13.

I loved that idea. The sabbath is a sign! I started studying and found
wonderful promises in the scriptures about keeping the sabbath day holy.

We decided to write an album of songs to teach children about how we
can make the sabbath “a delight”, as Isaiah says. The Sabbath Is a Sign
came from that effort. Sundays really didn’t get easier with four energetic
little boys but our perspective changed. We knew we were doing something
important, something that linked us through the generations to Adam,
honoring an ancient covenant as old as time.

We hope you enjoy the song!

Melanie and Roger